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HOME BUYERS: Hello I am a Real Estate Agent in Illinois I know you probably heard it all, but let me tell you the honest truth about me. I am a mother of five children, I have always loved helping people. I have worked in customer service all my life and always thought I was doing something good for the customers it made me feel good to know I was helping someone in there time of need. As you know we are all customer and clients for one thing or another. My husband and I bought our house in.. 2001 and we were first time home buyers. Let me tell you it has not been pleasant at all. The first year was great, but the second year everything started going down hill. I got sick and lost my job and went through a couple of jobs over the years due to I had to get a couple of surgeries out the way. Anyway before any one buys a house and inspector has to inspect the home to make sure it’s livable and the inspector said that my house was ok. Now the second year we were in the house the roof started leaking and our basement pipes started leaking, we didn’t have the money to fix it and the insurance company said if we claimed it our mortgage payments would go up and we could not afford it at the time, but anyway our roof caved in, in my bedroom and then it just kept going from there it started leaking in my children bedrooms and finally the guest bathroom ceiling caved in as well. I have 2.5 bathrooms in my home and for a year I had only one bathroom working, due to the leakage that was happening through our home. 2years ago my basement flooded and I lost every memory I had of my children when they were in school, pictures and everything I had of them as they were growing up it devastated me. The problem was me and my husband had never noticed that our water heater was on a big block probably meaning our home had flooded before we bought it we also noticed as the water traveled through our ceilings that plaster was also put into the home the roof had probably leaked before as well, Also due to all the money that we had put into the home almost cost us to go into foreclosure as well. It has been horrible because we did not know the questions to ask or even what we were doing, all we wanted was a nice house to raise our children and grow old together. Well there are more horrible things to this story but it would probably turn into a journal. My point here is I decided to go into real estate so no one can do what happened to us to someone else. I figured if I can educate and help one home owner that’s one less home owner out there that wouldn’t have to go through the horrible things I went through or even worse things who knows. So if you want to buy a home and want an honest agent you can call on me I will answer your questions and if I don’t have an answer give me 24hours I will get you one. Even if you don’t hire me I will be happy to answer your questions, but I think you would like to hire someone who is going to be honest with you then someone who won’t give you a straight answer. I have always been very honest with my clients and that is what keeps me in business my honesty. So what do you have to loose if you have questions or you need a real estate agent call on me and will be happy to help you. Again my name is Brunilda I am a real estate agent with Debbie Richards Realty Group in North Chicago. I am licensed in ILLINOIS I work Lake County and Cook County Chicago Northwest side. So go ahead pick up that phone or type me an email and it will be my pleasure in helping you with your needs. We are doing fine now and very educated in buying homes.

Brunilda Verberena
2016 Lewis Ave.
North Chicago Ill 60064


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I am a licensed Realtor in Illinois I work Lake County and Cook County-Chicago Northwest side

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