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  • Fogo de Chao - Philadelphia, PA -
  • Fogo de Chao - Philadelphia, PA -
  • Fogo de Chao - Philadelphia, PA -
  • Fogo de Chao - Philadelphia, PA -
  • Fogo de Chao - Philadelphia, PA -
  • Fogo de Chao - Philadelphia, PA -


  • Fogo de Chao - Philadelphia, PA - by Bobby Midnight at Citysearch

    by Bobby Midnight at Citysearch

    Very Good all u can eat meat
    by Bobby Midnight at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    Very good, recommend taking your time, bring your appetite, but don't over eat--you will regret it the next 1-2 days. The meat sits heavy in your stomach. Be choosy, some meats are much better than others, stay off the cheap stuff because the price is high (unless your a 300 lb pro tackle). Excellent service, very fast and efficient, nice atmosphere.

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  • Fogo de Chao - Philadelphia, PA - by dpaugh at Citysearch

    by dpaugh at Citysearch

    Impeccable service!
    by dpaugh at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    This was really an incredible experience. Yes, you must LOVE meat for it to be worth the cost. It is a parade of protein. However, the service was top-notch. I had a plate handed to me each time I approached the salad bar. My chair was pushed in behind me almost every time I returned to the table. Our glasses were always kept full of whatever beverage we ordered. Each server acted like they were our own personal staff. I was even able to request my favorite cut of meat from a gaucho who immediately went to the kitchen and returned with a skewer full of piping hot bacon wrapped filet mignon! We were celebrating two family birthdays. We made reservations through the website and noted this. On the day of our visit, I received a phone call from the hostess to set up exactly what I wanted for the birthday desserts. they decorated the plates with ""Happy Birthday"". Granted, some cuts of meat were better than others, but you can choose to eat only the one's you prefer. There are 15 to choose from, and they will cook to order!\r

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  • Fogo de Chao - Philadelphia, PA - by tomatohead129 at Citysearch

    by tomatohead129 at Citysearch

    by tomatohead129 at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    Went with a group of friends, food was amazing. Salad bar was load with anything you could want, it was so fresh and delicious. Service is great you never have to wait just flip your disk to green and they come right over. Best advice I can give is don?t fill up on Salad bar, even though it?s so tempting. It?s on the expensive side, but if you?re going out for something special or have the money to blow? this is the place to be.

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  • Fogo de Chao - Philadelphia, PA - by Eric 1 at Citysearch

    by Eric 1 at Citysearch

    Exellent Dinning experience
    by Eric 1 at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    I went there for fathers day with a group of about 15 couples. The salad bar was very impressive and the roasted meat was exellent. The food never stop coming and the service was great. This so far has been my best dinning experience ever. I have not stop talking about this restaurant since fathers day. I highly recommend this restaurant to everyone who never been to this place. It is worth the trip and the money, the parking may be bad but I think that it`s worth the experience; this place is just that good.

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  • Fogo de Chao - Philadelphia, PA - by Marquee at Citysearch

    by Marquee at Citysearch

    Fogo de Chao
    by Marquee at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    My family enjoyed our second dinner at Fogo, Center City Phila. last evening. The service is exceptional, cuts of meat are outstanding, ""salad"" bar is fresh and delicious, atmosphere and decor beautiful. Just a phenomenal dining experience.

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  • Fogo de Chao - Philadelphia, PA - by gigipri at Citysearch

    by gigipri at Citysearch

    lots of meat
    by gigipri at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    Impressive Brazilian BBQ. You pay a lot, but also get a ton of food. The sad thing is seeing a lot of obese Americans eating themselves to death at the table (.... than you wonder why pay a fortune for personal health-insurance?)At any rate, everything was good, but I ended up dropping ~$170 for a dinner for two after the movie...a bit steep, isn't it?

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  • Fogo de Chao - Philadelphia, PA - by DinnerDate69 at Citysearch

    by DinnerDate69 at Citysearch

    Every Mans Food Fantasy - A non-stop Parade of Roasted Meat
    by DinnerDate69 at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    Went for my birthday back in August. All I can say is ""WOW""... This place is the epitome of EXCESS. First they have you dig in to the salad bar, which is loaded with all kinds of fancy stuff, in addition to salad. Being the meat-iterian I am, I wisely passed on this distraction and flipped my disc to the green side, while my wife decided she would have a plate or two from the salad bar. Within moments, crazed cowboys that spoke little english began galivanting about, carving off slices of roasted meats at a frantic pace. Tempting sides and rolls were also brought to our table and constantly refreshed, even if we only took a little spoonful. Wife saw that I was in too deep and bailed on her salad to get into the action. I can honestly say she enjoyed herself, and once we figured out which meats we liked and which ones to pass on, we continued to gorge ourselves until pain set in. Wife backed off after a few rounds and flipped her disc over to the red side, as she is much smaller than I. I however, continued to eat through the pain, reaching the point of perspiration - a phenomena I call ""the meat sweats"". It was only then I reluctantly flipped my disc over to the red side. After such a feast, there was certainly no room for dessert, and if you do have room for dessert, you are cheating yourself.\rNow, this is one of the costliest dinners we have embarked on, however, you can really get your money's worth if you FOCUS. At $48/person, its not for the faint of heart, so be smart and pass (or go light) on the salad bar, and instead focus on the prime cuts of meats. At first, they will try to tempt you with tasty little sausages and chicken pieces. You must be strong and hold out for the filet, top sirloin, and the ancho, which is kinda like prime rib. Dont be afraid to ask for more and for God's sake, if your favorite cut of meat hasnt come around in 3 minutes, ask for it, dont fill up on sides! Also, bring a bottle of water for the walk/ride home... Its alot of sodi

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  • Fogo de Chao - Philadelphia, PA - by carolfromphila at Citysearch

    by carolfromphila at Citysearch

    Great selection of meat!
    by carolfromphila at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    We went here with a huge group of friends and none of us was disappointed. The food is very good, meat selection is endless. Yes it is not cheap and kind of noisy. We were noisy ourselves. And we had fun and enjoyed the food and the company. Recommend it for large groups or family outing.\r\r

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  • Fogo de Chao - Philadelphia, PA - by Philacupcake at Citysearch

    by Philacupcake at Citysearch

    TONS of MEAT, greatest service and class. But get ready spend $$$$$
    by Philacupcake at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    Pricey great Funnnn!!! Classy so dress to impress...i wore a dress and i fit in perfectly.\rFood was delicious, salads were amazing and wine was great too.\rI swear the servers were magical. Running everywhere to serve you. If your wine glass was low, it was filled, if you wanted meat prepared more they remember and come back in a few. \rWorth every penny. We came to celebrate a big event and for 5 people and about 2 bottles of semi-sweet wine i think bill was in the 400s.

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  • Fogo de Chao - Philadelphia, PA - by fantacia8519 at Citysearch

    by fantacia8519 at Citysearch

    excellent place
    by fantacia8519 at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    Excellent place for meat lover !! All the meat are cooked very well. \rThere is a salad bar for ppl who dun like to eat meat that much. The smoked salmon is good. dun forget to give it a try. Even tho it's expensive, but it's worth it considering the amount and quality of food.

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  • Fogo de Chao - Philadelphia, PA - by qweenie0828 at Citysearch

    by qweenie0828 at Citysearch

    Loved it...and I hardly like meat
    by qweenie0828 at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    This place has a lot to offer. I went with my parents who had been before so I was warned about the amount of meat one can consume there. So I opted for the salad bar. The salad bar was the best salad bar I have come a crossed. It more than just your average salad bar, it features high end fresh ingredients. And for those who don't love huge hunks of beef but are not quite vegetarian the salad bar offers smoked salmon, salami, and chicken salad with large chunks of chicken. It was wonderful and the staff was great, but you are constantly being interrupted, which I didn't mind as much but can be a problem. even if you order the salad bar you will still be bought out hot sides, like mash potatoes, fried plantains, and polentta.

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  • Fogo de Chao - Philadelphia, PA -  MOMINC3PLUS1

    Reviews: 16

    Enjoyed the Ambience
    MOMINC3PLUS1 (16 reviews)

    I really enjoyed eating at Fogo de Chao the steak was super and plentiful. I have been several times and would recommend it to my friends and have.

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  • Fogo de Chao - Philadelphia, PA - by QUEENSONIA at Citysearch

    by QUEENSONIA at Citysearch

    by QUEENSONIA at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    On Wednesday, March 19th, 2008... I had the pleasure of meeting a friend for lunch and I chose Fogo de Chao. My friend loves meat and I love veggies. We were both excited about trying someplace new. Upon arrival, we were immediately seated and told of the ordering process. Everything was deliciious and in abundance. The wine was great and you can't get better service and not be royalty. We felt truly catered to and spoiled.. treated like Queens for the afternoon. We decided to come back again for dinner to really enjoy the beautiful decor. I recommend this place for family dinners, dates, business meetings or any group that loves to EAT!!

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  • Fogo de Chao - Philadelphia, PA - by oxjinixo at Citysearch

    by oxjinixo at Citysearch

    4 out of 5 stars, and 3 just for the salad bar alone
    by oxjinixo at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    Dear Patron below who has commented on the lack of vegetarian options - \rI would like to remind you politely the salad bar they have at Fogo.\rMight I add that I am a meat eater.\rBut that was the most grandiose, beautiful, closest-to-being- the-size-of- a-football-field salad bar I have ever seen in my life.\rJust the sheer size of it is intimidating, yet inviting - the omnivorous may complain that it's a scam by the management to offer up a salad bar so wonderful and not passable so that the people would eat less meat (but knowingly still eat the salads because they are that good). \rSeriously, Philadelphia Fogo de Chao has the best salad bar ever, and while I loved their meat too, it is their salad bar that brings me back more often. During lunch, yes, but still. And it's not just lettuce and tomatoes - they have hearts of palm (those things are expensive these days), artichoke, beet, etc. - generally more ""upscale"" salad selections - along with the likes of different pasta and potato salads.\rThat salad bar alone could have fed an elephant. \rAnd you say there wasn't enough?

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  • Fogo de Chao - Philadelphia, PA - by co0929 at Citysearch

    by co0929 at Citysearch

    best place to go when you want great food and are real hungry
    by co0929 at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    this location allows a great atmosphere for business and personal dinners. the 18 selections of meat paired with the large salad bar allows you to indulge freely in what ever you choose. I have been to 6 other brazilian steak houses in other cities and fogo always outperforms. I recommend making reservations.

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Photos (6 photos)

  • Fogo de Chao - Philadelphia, PA -
  • Fogo de Chao - Philadelphia, PA -
  • Fogo de Chao - Philadelphia, PA -
  • Fogo de Chao - Philadelphia, PA -
  • Fogo de Chao - Philadelphia, PA -
  • Fogo de Chao - Philadelphia, PA -


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