Heart II Heart Safety can teach you how do perform a lifesaving procedure should you ever need it. CPR or CPR AED training certification can make the difference between life and death during a medical emergency in Miami.
All Las Vegas CPR training & certification classes are not the same. In Las Vegas, some companies will try to tell you that they can be in and out in no time at all. The only thing these Las Vegas based companies want is your money, and they are selling you a CPR.. certification card to get it.
It typically takes less than four hours to attend a CPR certification class and it is the most important medical course you can take. CPR is performed on victims who are not breathing and do not have a pulse. There is no greater emergency. CPR has the effect of getting much-needed oxygen to the brain, where it can keep the nerves of the brain alive long enough for someone to get the patient's heart beating again.
Brain cells start dying immediately without oxygen and irreversible brain damage starts somewhere around 4 minutes. Without immediate CPR the chances of survival are small. The question that must be asked is; what kind of life style will that person lead if someone doesn't intervene?
We you be ready? We can provide you with the correct tools and training to be ready.


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