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3850 Depauw BlvdIndianapolis, IN 46268


The Holiday Inn Indianapolis North is home to 'Caribbean Cove Indoor Water Park.' Packages that include access to the water park must be booked directly through the hotel and may not be booked on independent travel web sites. Reserve a Caribbean Cove Package & enjoy over 50,000 sq ft of water recreation. Enjoy 3 slides with a plunge pool, 2 spas, a sports activity pool, a leisure river & kids island complete with a water bucket dumping station. The park also features Calypso Café.. & Crazy CoCo's Arcade with a ticket/redemption & merchandise counter and ample lounging area. Access to Caribbean Cove is only available to guests booking the Caribbean Cove Package rate. Access to the water park is not available with any other rates, promotions or discounts. Please see Packages for more details. Our hotel is inspired by the 'Old World Charm' of the French Riviera, an experience you won't forget. Whether you're traveling on business or pleasure, at the Holiday Inn North Indianapolis at the Pyramids we're sure we can meet all your needs. Choose from a variety of restaurants on site including 'San Remo', 'Cafe St. Paul' and 'Benchwarmers'. Please note that Caribbean Cove Water Park is a completely separate facility from the indoor pool.



  • Holiday Inn Indianapolis-N @ The Pyramids - Indianapolis, IN - by NicolleHarbor at Citysearch

    by NicolleHarbor at Citysearch

    Terrible Staff
    by NicolleHarbor at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    My family and I rented a room at this Holiday Inn for a week while we are in the process of relocating from Alabama to Indianapolis. My husband made reservations for us through Price Line, this was obviously a cardinal sin as far as the hotel staff was concerned. There are five of us and we were told that the only room that they had available was a room with one bed (double) because they were all sold out but, if we were willing to pay the hotel's price, we could get an adjoining room. The front desk clerk acted as though we were making her life a living hell by talking to her. She was loud and rude so, I asked for her name, she responded by telling me that she did not know who I was and was not going to give me her name, so I ask for the manager's name and she said that I could not speak with him unless I had an appointment (she wouldn't give me his name either). When I tried to get directions to the room (this is a pretty big hotel), she shoved a map at me and basically told me to figure it out.Fast forward to the room (this was obviously the room reserved for those who dared to book a room through Price Line), the water in the shower did not get hot, the remote did not work, you could only turn the volume on the television up not down. And when we finally got the air mattress that we had to beg was deflated.I have been talking to three different people at the corporate office and two managers on site over the past two days and have not gotten any results or apologies yet....I WILL NEVER STAY HERE AGAIN.

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  • Holiday Inn Indianapolis-N @ The Pyramids - Indianapolis, IN - by Shauna Frazier at Citysearch

    by Shauna Frazier at Citysearch

    Great Fun for the entire family
    by Shauna Frazier at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    We enjoyed the arcade, jacuzzi, rooms were comortable and the hotel staff were very polite and friendly. The food at the restaraunt was affordable, tasty, and offered variety for all. I recommend it to all my friends

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  • Holiday Inn Indianapolis-N @ The Pyramids - Indianapolis, IN - by Jim from Milwaukee at Citysearch

    by Jim from Milwaukee at Citysearch

    The waterpark is extra?
    by Jim from Milwaukee at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    I arranged our stay through Orbitz. When we got on our swimsuits and went to the waterpark, there was a sign ""wristbands needed beyond this point."" I called the front desk about our wristbands and was told, ""Oh, Orbitz doesn't sell our waterpark package, but you can buy wristbands for $20 each."" I was upset, but they didn't seem to care. The attitude was ""rules are rules, it isn't our problem that you never were told of our rules.""\r\rI have stayed at a few waterpark hotels and more than a few have sold waterpark access - to people NOT staying at their hotel. This was a first for me. There was nothing that said ""WATER PARK NOT INCLUDED."" The fact that they made it sound like an Orbitz problem, just annoyed us more. THEY control what ORBITZ sells. \r\rWe won't stay here again.

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  • Holiday Inn Indianapolis-N @ The Pyramids - Indianapolis, IN - by IheartMYson at Citysearch

    by IheartMYson at Citysearch

    I will never stay here again...
    by IheartMYson at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    My family and I visit Indianapolis fairly often, and we have stayed with the Holiday Inn North for years...but I can tell you that we will NEVER STAY THERE AGAIN! Ever since they added the waterpark to their hotel, it all has gone downhill. The staff is rude and impatient, the children don't actually get to have any fun in the water park due to the large volume of restrictions, and the cleanliness of the room seemed very questionable. I thought that the waterpark would be a great addition to a one-time great place to stay...but from what I have experienced in the last few times I visited this hotel - it has done nothing but hurt the integrity of this location. Once we had finally had enough, we actually checked out early and went to a different Holiday Inn nearby off of 71st Street, and we were very pleased with our visit to that hotel. Now that we have had such a poor time at the Holiday Inn North (repeatedly) - we know that we will take our business elsewhere...and it seems that the Holiday Inn Express Northwest was more than happy to offer us friendly service and comfortable accommodations - so we'll go there in the future instead!

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  • Holiday Inn Indianapolis-N @ The Pyramids - Indianapolis, IN - by tasidel at Citysearch

    by tasidel at Citysearch

    by tasidel at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    We have been customers of the Holiday Inn North for years and have been pretty satisfied. The new additions and staff have a lot to be desired though. We have tried the hotel twice since the water park was added and have been very disappointed in the service and rudeness of some staff members. Our kids even asked to leave the waterpark because they have too many rules and it is not fun. We do not plan to return.

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