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“Inspiration Activities with Music and Movement to Autistic Children” a.k.a. “IAMMAC” project.
It is a highly educated group on this scientific research, involving experienced doctors, psychiatrists and myself, a music educator. Is is the benefit of healing for autistic children.
The Mission of the “IAMMAC” is:
Musical Stimulus Act to improve the lives of all affected by autism, using Music.
Movement to achieve non-musical treatment goals, supporting parallels between.. speech, singing, rhythm and motor behavior.
What is “IAMMAC”?
Musical mnemonics-rote memorization; ability of preferred music to enhance mood, attention and behavior to optimize an individual's ability to learn, interact, promoting a creative environment for individual growth , to be able to produce creative behavior.
- The Music plus Movement is benefit to children, who needs support to develop fine motor skill, as cognition, communication, socialization, motor functioning.
- Music plus Rhythm plus singing plus movement plus instruments are highly motivating and multi sensory approaches to learning, to organizing memory, expressing emotions, identifying emotions, recognizing emotions, expressive language, social script, and movement.
The goal is not to train musicians, but to improve -- through music -- physical, social or emotional skills; to help people regain their health and speed recovery.
Music is a powerful sensory stimulus that can work simultaneously on the body, mind, and spirit. Vibrational entrainment, as a result of listening to music, can bring harmony to the body by actually entraining the body with the music. It can have a transformative affect on an individual by moving through the body systems and bringing about harmony. Through the use of music, positive affects have been seen in the nervous system, affecting the endocrine system, which in turn enhances the immune system.
The mind and body can be re-programmed or harmonized to a place of harmony and healing by entraining it with soothing music. Music as Medicine Music enters into the body through the ear, and the bones of the body act like a tuning fork. The neurological fields of the body are then stimulated by music. Music is a means by which all people can feel these healing vibrations. Even people with profound handicaps can benefit from music's healing affects.Reduce the effects of Autism and improve their quality life. The "IAMMAC" activities: 2 times/week; 1 hour lenght session; Fee:$20.00/hour. By APPOINTMENT only.


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