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First I would love to explain what my company is trying to become, which is a non-profit organization that helps people and families who are in need of a service dog that cannot afford one.

Yes these dogs start at $20,000 and up for a good service dog. What I am beginning to do is look for sponsorship from companies, people, and Angels, who can help with the expense of making my company a non-profit organization.

So in the meantime I do have a German Shepherd, Missy, who is 11.. months old and ready to begin training. Missy is considered green. What I am looking for is a person or family in need of a service dog that cannot afford one.

What I am willing to do is donate my dog Missy and my time in training her with the person who needs her. Please understand this is no small task, you must be willing to commit your time and love, also understand the process in training a great service dog.

So let me explain the procedure that we would go through with Missy and if you feel you can commit your time, love, and patience you just might have a GREAT SERVICE DOG for less than $1,000.00 dollars.

Since Missy is only 11 months old we will begin with obedience training which initials working with me one hour a week, and committing to working with Missy 11 min a day on her new task. You ask why only 11 min a day, a dog is like a child or a person we only have so much attention span, some more than others with a dog it is 1 min per month so since Missy is 11 months old we will spend 11 min on her new command. Also Missy will be with you on a 24/7 basis which is part of the bonding process. Remember a service dog is not a pet, the dog becomes part of you, the extension of you that needs help.

After we complete the obedience training we certify her with the Canine Good Citizen. Once that is done the real job begins, we start taking the dog to places you would normally go to, for example the mall, the store, where ever you go we start when these area's are quiet and not crowded so we do not over whelm the dog. We learn to go up and down elevators, escalators, stairs, learning to sit under a table while you eat in a restaurant, even shopping at the food store. While we are exposing her to your world we also begin training her for your disability whether it be getting the phone for you, opening a door or drawer, picking up objects that you cannot, even search and rescue if you have an autistic child who wonders off or runs.

Believe me this takes a lot of time and effort on everyone's part... after we have achieved the level of service you need we then test the dog for a service dog certification. Once the dog is certified and badge we are good to go. Always remember you will always be teaching your dog new things as the years go on and your needs change. So this is a life time commitment for you and your Angel.

If you are interested and willing to commit, I am willing to donate and commit my time in to receiving a GREAT SERVICE DOG.

Looking forward to hearing from anyone who is interested in helping become a non-profit organization and anyone who is interested in committing themselves to welcoming an Angel into their lives.

Please just email and we can discuss the matters..

Natalie Kauftheil


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  • Dogs

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  • Group Lessons
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  • Agility
  • Behavioral Modification
  • Obedience
  • Tracking


AKC CGC Evalustor also certified to train Search and rescue, cadaver dogs, tracking, service,obedience, also work with families who are having problems with thier dogs.


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