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  • LOCAL TOW - Smyrna GA - Smyrna, GA -  omarburtle

    Reviews: 1

    Affordable rates!!
    omarburtle (1 review)

    The first time I locked myself out of my car because I left the keys inside, I had no idea what to do. So I called my dad to help me and he told me not to worry because he'll call Local Tow, a reliable tow company that has a good car lockout service to help me. I waited by my car and the technicians were fast to arrive. They worked on my car and soon enough, I was able to retrieve my keys.I was so thankful for their help and satisfied with their customer service and just when I thought things couldn't get any better, I saw how affordable their rates are. I happily paid the price and since then, Local Tow has been my only towing company.

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  • LOCAL TOW - Smyrna GA - Smyrna, GA -  llianadolch

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    I recommend Local Tow to everyone
    llianadolch (1 review)

    I was in need of a winching service because my tire was stuck in deep mud and so I gave Local Tow a try.They were recommended by my sister and I was so thankful that she did because I have never been this satisfied with a company's customer service and rates. As soon as I called them, the operator sent some technicians over and these guys were so reliable that they were able to extract my car carefully and safely. They were very courteous in telling me the price that I owed. I was so satisfied with their service that not only did I stay loyal to Local Tow - I also recommended them to all my friends.

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  • LOCAL TOW - Smyrna GA - Smyrna, GA -  laquandamartines

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    Pleasantly surprising rates
    laquandamartines (1 review)

    I was on my way to the doctor when I noticed that my fuel was running a little low. I thought it could still reach the next gas station but I guess I thought wrong because my car suddenly stopped. I was pretty far from the gas station so I just decided to call a towing company to deliver some gas to me. I Googled for one using my iPhone and I found the customer service number of Local Tow. I gave them a call and asked if they had gas delivery service to help me out. The operator was very pleasant over the phone and told me that they will send someone over.I didn't have to wait long to see the reliable looking technicians to arrive. They quickly filled my car and before I knew it, I was back on the road. I asked for their rates and was pleasantly surprised when I saw the price that they were charging me. Without thinking twice, I paid what I owed and thanked them for all their help.

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  • LOCAL TOW - Smyrna GA - Smyrna, GA -  monicanovitsky

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    "Budget friendly rates!"
    monicanovitsky (1 review)

    It's raining cats and dogs a month ago as I drive my way home from a street party in town. My car skidded and ended up wedged on a ditch. It was around 3 o'clock in the morning and there is no one around. I wasn't hurt but it was terrifying, I thought I would have to hang around until daylight. I called my sister and she called Local Tow, in about thirty minutes, the tow truck was already winching my car out of that nasty trench. I was so pleased for this trained and responsive technician for doing an outstanding tow service. Aside from being so reliable and delivering excellent customer service, the rates are budget-friendly too.

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  • LOCAL TOW - Smyrna GA - Smyrna, GA -  wasabi00

    Reviews: 2

    Best tow
    wasabi00 (2 reviews)

    There is a reason why people are not encouraged to drive when they are drunk that is why I got so mad at the drunk driver who backed up on my car, pushing it in the deep canal. The driver apologized but the damage that he has done was unforgivable. Not only did he place a big dent on the front part of my car, he also got the back part stuck in the canal. He promised to pay for all the damages and even if my car was insured, I wanted him to spend a lot to serve as his lesson. The guy called up this towing company to pull my car from the canal and we waited for the truck to arrive. I was still infuriated when the tow truck arrived but somehow, when the friendly tow people greeted me, it helped me cool down a bit. I do not know whether it was from the courteous greeting or from seeing the clean tow truck in superb state but it helped me calm my nerves.

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