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You know somewhere inside you are called to something bigger.
You are not satisfied with the status quo.
We are leaders.
We see and trust in the vision.

Learn to lead people. Working with different kinds of people is the hardest thing about business. The people who I have met, who are successful in any business, are those who are natural leaders. The ability to get along with and inspire people is a priceless skill -- skill that can be learned. R. Kiyosaki

Joseph.. Campbell calls it the call to adventure. That moment when you look at the world and you realize you can no longer sit back and be a wallflower.

It’s that feeling stirred deep inside you that knows you are meant for more. That you are meant for something bigger.

It’s that realization that the status quo is no longer acceptable.

I like to think of it as the call to leadership. It’s the moment you become aware of the vision that lays before you. You see it. You trust it. And you can try to ignore it if you want to, but it is there.

This call can be unrelenting. At times, it feels inspiring and at others it appears to be a burden, an almost crushing sense of responsibility.

You may have felt this call before in your life and simply ignored it. Hoping it would go away. Maybe it faded to a whimper. Maybe you tried to answer the call only to find yourself feeling overwhelmed, scared or even burnt out.

If you’ve taken those steps towards becoming a leader in this world, congratulations. If you haven’t, that’s okay as well. The point to take away is that if you want to have an impact in the world and seek to make a positive change, you will never make progress until you start to recognize your place in this world as a leader.
The Journey of Leadership

How many times through the course of your day do you see someone who is either unhappy with what they are doing, how they are doing it, or in some way struggling?

You can’t avoid it. It is on the news, in the local store, and maybe even in your own home or office. In fact, we see it so much that we might even get overwhelmed and feel like we can’t do anything. I know I did. And what happened after I saw the writing on the wall was I finally got angry enough and realized that I would rather fight for what I believed in –a world where people treat each other with respect and we are all better off because of it-- than accept what I saw around me.

What I realize now (that I did not realize then) is that what I was doing all of this time was the journey of leadership.

As leaders we do not just wish the world was better place. We take steps daily to make our lives and the lives of others better. We take steps daily to fulfill out own potential and the potential of others.

It took me a while to figure out how to make my work successful through stepping into my leadership. For many years, while I got my Ph.D, grew my business to over six figures and raised my son on my own, I had to work extra-hard to figure out how to make it all work. I had the vision, but manifesting it was a lonely challenge. This cost me a lot of time, money and sleepless nights.

Now, after starting a non-profit, becoming an international speaker and educator, and creating programs and offering mentoring that helps people transform on every level, I am putting together what I have learned so you can make money and make a difference all while having a healthier, happier and more deeply fulfilled life. And if you think that success might come with a loss of integrity, don’t worry, I can help you develop work that is as value-driven as you are.
It's Just the Beginning

But, maybe you are in a different place than where I started. Maybe you are where I was after things started to take shape for me. Perhaps you have started to create something different –maybe even you have been really successful at it-- but somehow it is not really working quite how you expected. You lost sight of why you were doing it in the first place. I get this too. Even if you are an entrepreneur and created your own business you can start to feel this way. We set out to create something different but that is not the end of our journey as a leader it is just the beginning and we need more skills to be more profitable and have a greater impact.

Most of us lack the skills we need to be successful and make the difference we know deep inside we were meant to make. Most of us were not taught how to be leaders –that our greatest untapped resource lies within our own leadership skills.

It is possible for you to learn everything you need to learn to make your work successful -- and I can teach you.


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