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Why You Should Choose Granite

A modern kitchen with granite countertops.

Granite countertops have been popular for many years now, and they continue to be a common choice for homeowners when building a new house or remodeling. We recommend granite for a lot of reasons, but here are some of the most popular reasons for installing granite.

Home Value

Installing granite countertops increases the value of a home. In fact, it is a quality that is often sought-after in homes by potential home buyers. Granite countertops are become a staple that everyone wants. We install a lot of countertops into homes right before a house goes on the market, or right after it is purchased because so many people request granite in their home. 


One of the reasons granite is so beloved is because of its durability. It’s able to withstand a lot of heat without cracking or warping, so there’s no need to worry about hot pots or pans damaging it. It’s a non-porous stone, which means that liquids aren’t absorbed into it the same way they are in other materials. This means colored liquids like grape juice won’t stain or leave any kind of trace. Another great thing about granite is that it can be cut on. Though we don’t recommend cutting on it all the time, granite can withstand occasional knife cuts without any damage.


Granite is very low maintenance. We suggest granite countertops be sealed once a year, but depending on the granite and the use, it may be more or less often. If the granite seems to be absorbing a little water, it needs to be resealed. 


Granite is available in many colors and grains, so it’s very simple to find a good match for a home. Granite also has a very classic look, so it won’t make a kitchen or home look dated. We suggest you borrow sample granite squares to take home and see what the different colors would look like in the space.

Granite countertops are a great addition to any home. They are a classic stone that can add value to a house and they are a very durable option. There are different granite colors and grains available to choose from, and the classic nature can match any style. There are many companies that can help install granite countertops in Alpharetta, so call today. 

Posted on: 3/21/2016