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  • Maid Brigade - Boise, ID - by Larkn0298 at Citysearch

    by Larkn0298 at Citysearch

    Looked Like New
    by Larkn0298 at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    I was in the process of moving out of my apartment and into a home, and I thought it would be nice to not worry cleaning the old place along with everything else I had to do. So I hired Maid Brigade to do my move-out cleaning. I couldn't have been more pleased with their efficiency and attention to detail. They did a marvelous job and left the place sparkling like new again. Bravo!

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  • Maid Brigade - Boise, ID - by MBoise at Citysearch

    by MBoise at Citysearch

    Boise's GREEN Cleaning Team
    by MBoise at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    Maid Brigade does an awesome job cleaning my home and a commercial condo project I manage. Their use of certified green cleaning products is great for anyone who has allergies or medical problems. Good work and quick response if any issue does arise.

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  • Maid Brigade - Boise, ID - by dkohtz at Citysearch

    by dkohtz at Citysearch

    Maid Brigade gives us more free time!
    by dkohtz at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    We have been using them for over a year and it has been great - such a relief to come home to a clean house! Extremely reliable - friendly and great work! If they happen to break something..which is REALLY rare, they leave a note and pay for it!

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  • Maid Brigade - Boise, ID - by SDearing at Citysearch

    by SDearing at Citysearch

    Great service!
    by SDearing at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    We started this service about 6 months ago and so far, we have enjoyed it. The house is always cleaned properly, but it isn't always consistent. Some will move things in the kitchen (i.e., bread box, etc.) and clean everything and others just lightly swipe around objects. I know not every object should be moved, as that is not their job - but there are certain things I think they should know need to be cleaned under, etc. My husband and I only use the service on a monthly basis. We have no human kids, but 4 animals. We appreciate the vacuuming of the animal hair, but wish it was a little more thorough on the furniture (sometimes chairs are missed). Overall though - GREAT service and we have recommended it to friends and will continue using them. :)

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  • Maid Brigade - Boise, ID - by Marlayna at Citysearch

    by Marlayna at Citysearch

    I think they are great.
    by Marlayna at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    I wish I could give a 4.5. I agree with what Marvel said BUT the great thing about different women being available to clean your house; if someone calls in sick, sprains an ankle or takes a vacation... my house still gets cleaned. Really, most the time you get the same ladies. If they miss something, (ie Marvel's bar stool) tell the office. I bet it never happens again. I've had individual housekeepers in the past. True, they may always know exactly how you want things cleaned but then having someone call in sick or your housekeeper quits the week before you have a baby... FORGET IT! If one of the ladies doesn't vacuum under a bar stool call the office, it will never be missed again. When I first started using them, I told the office they were forgetting to clean an interior French door. In 4 years, they've never been missed since. On the whole, I think they do put everything back the way it was. Someone else said they didn't put her rug back the way she liked it. Honestly, if I cleaned 4 houses a day 5 days a week, I might forget if one lady likes her rug angled instead of squared to the room like the other 99.9& of us. If things don't end up exactly right, I would say, they don't put it back randomly. They make things look nice. They don't always put the pillows back exactly the way I had them, but they clearly put effort into where they put them. Also, my 4 year old daughter loves them. They always call her by name and say hi to her. Half the time she makes me stay home until they arrive so she can say ""hi"" to them. They are always really nice and friendly. I think that says a lot about how they feel about the company they work for.

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  • Maid Brigade - Boise, ID - by Marvel at Citysearch

    by Marvel at Citysearch

    May 11, 2011 Marvel says:
    by Marvel at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    They do a very thorough job most of the time. However, it isn't consistent, as there are different women every time. Some do a much better job than others. Some will vacuum the walk in closets by just going in and out, leaving the edges and corners untouched. That has been a complaint for a long time--not vacuuming areas where there might be a stool, etc. Also, I have noticed that they bring in their vacuum cleaners and they are just full of hair and debris from other houses. I don't like to have my house contaminated from other jobs.

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  • Maid Brigade - Boise, ID - by Lollimom at Citysearch

    by Lollimom at Citysearch

    Great Cleaning!
    by Lollimom at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    I hired Maid Brigade after living in my new house for 2 years. They have done an excellent and thorough job. My kitchen and bathrooms are always sparkling after they leave. I have my house done every other week.\rMy only complaint is that sometimes they don't put things back as they found them. For example, if I have a rug or other decorator item on an angle, they will place it back straight. No big deal, though. I just put it back the way I like it after they leave. The maids are always polite and professional. I would highly recommend their services.

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  • Maid Brigade - Boise, ID - by Upset Parent at Citysearch

    by Upset Parent at Citysearch

    Best Clean Ever!
    by Upset Parent at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    Let's keep this simple - I liked the job they did so much after a one-time cleaning, that I decided to hire them to clean my house on a weekly basis. The cleaning was very thorough, complete, and they even tended to the little things that we all overlook when cleaning. I have young kids, so my house is always a disaster in the making, but these maids tidy up everything and make my house livable again every week. My home has never been cleaner and I have never been happier. Thank you. I would deffinately recommend.

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