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  • Ostrow, Gregory Isaac  MD - San Diego, CA -  Dannik5

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    Wouldn't go elsewhere
    Dannik5 (1 review)

    I'm in my 40's and have had glasses since preschool, so I have been doing this eye dr. thing for a long time. I walked in and he has been the only eye doctor that has been knowledable of a rare eye disease that is in my family (PXE). My 6 month old had an issue(ptosis) and while in the office he examined my 2.5 yr and told me he needed glasses. Best thing that could have happened to my son-his world changed. Dr. Ostrow has performed successful surgeries on 2 children and 1 adult that I know. He is extremely knowledable and I would not go anywhere else.

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  • Ostrow, Gregory Isaac  MD - San Diego, CA -  bbianchi1

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    No faith in this Dr.
    bbianchi1 (1 review)

    Dr, Gregory Ostrow, Pediatric Ophthalmology: This was probably the worst experience I have had with any Dr. The problem is, it wasn't for me, it was for my child. That makes our experience all the much more personal and intolerable. I felt that the good Dr. would not tolerate any questions about his treatment of our son. When I asked what the effect would be of the Dr.'s prescribing glasses for my son as a treatment for my son's Strabismus , the Dr. blew up. He lost his temper and said to me, "You need to trust me, I know what I'm doing." I then told the Dr. that I have every right to ask questions about why he was prescribing certain treatments for my son and that I was merely concerned about long term effects. When my wife called back to book an appointment with the Dr., she was told that the Dr. referred us to go elsewhere. When my wife asked why, the nurse had no answer. But our answer was clear...it was twofold. 1. the Dr. does not feel he should have to answer questions that he feels uncomfortable answering and, 2. our son's case was most likely beyond the Dr.'s area of expertise. My wife was initially upset - because she doesn't feel like changing Dr's after we just started him on a treatment plan with Dr. Ostrow. But, in the end, we both agreed, we had lost faith in this Dr's ability anyway. Do yourself a favor, choose to go elsewhere for your child's eye care.

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  • Ostrow, Gregory Isaac  MD - San Diego, CA -  LiveInGratitude

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    Words Can't Explain my Disappointment
    LiveInGratitude (2 reviews)

    The Solana Beach School District had sent my son to Dr. Ostrow for a developmental vision evaluation to determine if he needed vision therapy. Their testing only took about 15-20 minutes and of course, had determined that my son did NOT need vision therapy. The San Diego Unified School District had tested my son 3 times. Each time, their evaluation was 2-3 hrs. and they determined that my son definitely needed vision therapy. Recently, I had my son evaluated independently by Dr. Carl Hillier. He is considered the foremost authority on developmental vision and is asked to speak around the world on this topic. His evaluation also took about 3 hours, was very thorough and he concurred with the findings of the SDUSD. I usually NEVER go out of my way to write these types of negative reviews because I try to see the positive in everything - but this review was "necessary" - I felt that Dr. Ostrow does not have the best interest of his clients - If you or your child needs a developmental vision eval - you should go to an expert such as Dr. Carl Hillier. If you only need glasses, then maybe Dr. Ostrow will suffice. But on a last note - Dr. Ostrow's office concluded that my son's eyes were perfect and that he didn't need glasses as well as vision therapy - well guess what? - my son has been wearing glasses for the past 4 years - go figure?

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    Ostrow, Gregory Isaac MD replied on 10/16/2012

    I'm sorry you felt your exam was incomplete and I'm sorry that you did not get the answers you wanted from my examination. After extensive review of the literature, the American Academy of Pediatrics came up with a policy statement that vision therapy is scientifically unproven to be beneficial in the direct or indirect treatment of learning disabilities and is not advocated. When a school district sends a patient to be evaluated for the need for vision therapy they are only asking 1 question - Does this child have convergence insufficiency (an eye muscle imbalance that can cause difficulty and eye strain with reading and that has been shown scientifically to respond to vision therapy). Convergence insufficiency is the only school related eye disorder that school districts will pay for vision therapy. It does not take long to evaluate for convergence insufficiency. The extra tests that were/are done at developmental optometry offices are not validated scientifically and are not reasons that a school district will pay for vision therapy. See the following articles for both the Pediatrics article and the AAPOS article. http://www.aao.org/about/policy/upload/Learning-Disabilities-Dyslexia-Vision-2009.pdf . http://www.aapos.org/terms/conditions/108 . The Royal College of Optometry performed their own review and came up with the same conclusions - http://www.pedseye.com/img/Behavioral_Optometry_Review.pdf As to the question of glasses in your child - in your mind, which do you think happens more in an eye doctors office? Writing glasses for a child who does not need them or not writing glasses for a child who needs them? Did you feel that I would have something to gain by not writing a glasses prescription for your child? Did you notice an optical shop in your prior doctors office? Did you notice one in mine?

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