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How to Know if Carpet Stretching Is Needed

New carpet is beautiful and can feel heavenly to walk on, especially if proper carpet cleaning occurs frequently. If installed correctly, the carpet should be stretched evenly and secured so that it does not become loose quickly.

However, over time, if heavy furniture is pulled across the room or if the carpet is walked on frequently, it will stretch out and loosen up, creating a need for it to be stretched and re-secured. Because damage can be done to carpet that is loose or stretched out, it is important to have it stretched as soon as any of the following signs occur.

Loose Edges

Carpet should be tacked down along the edges, creating a seamless line across the wall or transition to another flooring space. Tack strips are used to hold the carpet in place. If there are any spots where the carpet has lifted from the tack strips, it is a sign that stretching is needed.

Lumps or Wrinkles

A more tell-tale sign that stretching is needed is if there are lumps or wrinkles present anywhere in the carpet. These come about after years of use, especially in high-traffic areas or where there are heavy things pulled back and forth in the space. Irreversible damage can occur to the carpet if lumps are walked on, so it is important to fix it right away.

If any of the above signs are present, call a professional at Peachtree Carpet Cleaning LLC. They can easily assess if stretching needs to occur, which will add life to the carpet and keep it looking new and beautiful for years to come.

Posted on: 7/29/2015