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  • Solar Dimensions Tanning - Alpharetta, GA - by TRY POSITIVE at Citysearch

    by TRY POSITIVE at Citysearch

    by TRY POSITIVE at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)


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  • Solar Dimensions Tanning - Alpharetta, GA -  kwinthrop

    Reviews: 4

    fungus amongus
    kwinthrop (4 reviews)

    I got a NASTY fungus from the bed the owner was rude and would not extend my package even though i could not tan while i had the fungus. They were not apologetic at all.

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  • Solar Dimensions Tanning - Alpharetta, GA -  LadyAtlanta

    Reviews: 9

    Way too expensive but clean and good beds!
    LadyAtlanta (9 reviews)

    It is way too expensive for just tanning! but the tanning beds are very nice and clean and good high pressure beds.

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  • Solar Dimensions Tanning - Alpharetta, GA - by Frank16 at Citysearch

    by Frank16 at Citysearch

    Solarium is top of the line!
    by Frank16 at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    Solarium Midtown is the most elite and high quality, most professional tanning salon I've ever stepped foot in! The staff is so knowledgeable and I learn something new every time I come in. The salon is very classy looking and the beds are beyond top of the line. Definitely the best tanning salon in Atlanta!

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  • Solar Dimensions Tanning - Alpharetta, GA - by gibbsjoe at Citysearch

    by gibbsjoe at Citysearch

    so expensive and parking is a pain
    by gibbsjoe at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    even by midtown standards, this place is really expensive. after trying them out and spending more than i wish i had, i looked at another salon in the area and found their prices were must better. parking is also a bit of a pain at solarium midtown.

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  • Solar Dimensions Tanning - Alpharetta, GA - by stacy free at Citysearch

    by stacy free at Citysearch

    by stacy free at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    I look forward to each visit and have been a member of the Midtown location since Feb 2010. I usually grab a bite to eat at one of the next door/across the street eating establishments after i'm done - which is so nice! I've never had to pay for parking because I can get my parking ticket validated at the Solarium Midtown. \r\rI'm always greeted with a smile and the staff knows my name...customer service is top shelf!\r\rThe facility is always clean and neat. The equipment is ready to go when you are! Tanning beds, spray tans, teeth whitening, beauty angel, versa spa/step and messages...I do them all and enjoy it all because I get the results I expect from each service.\r\rThis place is worth a visit - experience it for yourself, you won't be dissapointed!

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  • Solar Dimensions Tanning - Alpharetta, GA - by hoosierd at Citysearch

    by hoosierd at Citysearch

    by hoosierd at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    this place has absolutely everything you could ever need!!! the BEST tanning beds, massages, spray tans, vacustep, formo, teeth whitening!!! and flexible membership programs!!!!

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  • Solar Dimensions Tanning - Alpharetta, GA -  kk00012

    Reviews: 1

    Wonderful salon
    kk00012 (1 review)

    Very nice and clean salon! All the girls are super friendly and knowledgeable. The beds are all top of the line, as are all of there other services, I get tan in just a few sessions even though I am pretty fair. Definitely consider their lotion and bed recommendations I have never been steered wrong, the Magic bed and Omega bronzer always do the trick for me :) Oh and my first ever airbrush tan was absolutely fabulous!

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  • Solar Dimensions Tanning - Alpharetta, GA - by Tanorexic at Citysearch

    by Tanorexic at Citysearch

    by Tanorexic at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    Trust me when I say the Solarium is the best tanning salon in ATL. Their sun angel bed is amazing; it got me super dark quick! It builds a gradual customized tan, plus it?s so high tech, it even has aromatherapy! Their other beds are great too, and I love all their spray tan options. They have so many different services and goodies, and love the staff and the facility. I?ve tried the rest and when it comes to quality and service Solarium is the best! I?m completely addicted!

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  • Solar Dimensions Tanning - Alpharetta, GA - by superdustti at Citysearch

    by superdustti at Citysearch

    by superdustti at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    this place will give you a fawless tan very quick!!! all their beds are the best top-of-the-line equiptment in the industry!! all the beds and rooms are very clean. they have mystic tan, versa spa, and custom air brushing where they can even come to your house if you cant make it in!!! and they are the only tanning salon in GA to carry a Physician grade skin care line!!! and not to mention they have several spa services to choose from to keep you looking and feeling great!!! its a one stop shop for all!!!! the one place to go for an absolute PERFECT tan!!!

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  • Solar Dimensions Tanning - Alpharetta, GA - by KimuraLover at Citysearch

    by KimuraLover at Citysearch

    You get what you pay for: a great tan
    by KimuraLover at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    I bought a package of tanning sessions before my wedding, and it was fantastic! I realized this fact even more when I moved to a different state, and tried out a couple of different tanning salons. The quality of tan that I got wasn't even close to Solarium. When I moved back to Atlanta, Solarium was one of my first stops. I bought another package, and enjoy that I can use my sessions sparingly and still keep great color. I've never been a regular visitor to tanning salons, and am VERY frugal with my money, but Solarium is one of the few places that I will spend the big bucks. It's totally worth it, although the prices don't allow me to go as often as I'd like to. \r\r The beds and bathroom are always clean and tidy, and the staff is friendly and seems knowledgeable (even if only superficially). Every now and then they'll have special discount weekends, which is when I usually try to buy product or packages. \r\r The only problem I've ever had was in regards to a product that I bought. I was advised by a staff member to purchase a certain item based on the tanning goals that I described to him, and the results were not at all what I asked for. When I tried to exchange it for a different product, I was told that they couldn't return anything. The best offer I got was a small discount on the item that I did want to purchase, but the other stuff just went to waste. On the plus side, the manager did let me borrow her face product once, which was very nice of her. Of course, they sell the product there, so it was a good idea to make the sale, but nevertheless it was thoughful of her to offer.

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  • Solar Dimensions Tanning - Alpharetta, GA -  lshack

    Reviews: 3

    Pleasent place
    lshack (3 reviews)

    The salon is very pleasent. The people there are very nice and its real comfortable. I go quite often and have never had any problems.

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  • Solar Dimensions Tanning - Alpharetta, GA - by richelton at Citysearch

    by richelton at Citysearch

    Personal attention and rapport: Solarium is doing it RIGHT
    by richelton at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    If you want a 'vending machine' experience then Solarium is likely not for you. A lasting rapport with REAL PEOPLE who are friendly and personable and who always make you feel welcome is crucial to the 'spa experience' whether that means half a day or just half an hour. I joined over a year ago as something special I could do just for me. I'd visited two other tanning salons in Midtown Atlanta but the experience was pretty disappointing. The staff at Solarium was so different by comparison that frankly I wouldn't go anywhere else now. Most of the time they greet me by name (and I'm just a regular guy, not a media or 'scene' personality) and have me up on the computer before the door closes behind me. That really makes my day sometimes. Anybody can buy a few snazzy tanning beds--and Solarium does have state-of-the-art equipment, clean and attractive rooms, good maintenance on the beds, plus little touches like moist wipes and body spray available--but ultimately it is personal rapport and attention that will make or break you in this business. If you are looking for more than just how few quarters you can get away with loading into a box for some UV rays then check this place out. They are doing it right. (And no, I don't work there. Just a satisfied customer.)

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  • Solar Dimensions Tanning - Alpharetta, GA - by Scott30309 at Citysearch

    by Scott30309 at Citysearch

    AVOID- Couldn't get past the sales schpiel !
    by Scott30309 at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    Place seems really nice in appearance. I was taken on a 15 minute ""tour"" of the facility which was a little too much. THEN came the ""hardball"" sales routine. All I wanted was to buy 1 session to try the place out. They really don't offer that...they pitch you hard on monthly plans ranging from $60-$100. I felt like I was buying a car......pressure to buy immediately. I was told that a single session for the lowest level bed was $25! So frustrating. If you are looking to buy a few sessions or just try one of the beds out this place is NOT for you.\r

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  • Solar Dimensions Tanning - Alpharetta, GA -  daisy2

    Reviews: 4

    Wonderful salon!!!
    daisy2 (4 reviews)

    Being fair skinned, I always have difficulty tanning. This salon had high pressure beds which gave me the brownest color I ever had in my life! The girls are wonderful here and really made me feel at home. Very glad I found this place and highly recommend!!!

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