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  • Sona Med Spa - Las Vegas, NV - by j0nesis at Citysearch

    by j0nesis at Citysearch

    don't be fooled
    by j0nesis at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    don't waste your time or money, they'll tell you anything to get your money..they ""promised"" to take care of me.. I lost 3,000 for nothing(which I'm still paying off).. because my skin was in the same condition ( after extremely uncomfortable treatments)...its not worth it TRUST ME..

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  • Sona Med Spa - Las Vegas, NV - by mikeysmom at Citysearch

    by mikeysmom at Citysearch

    Did my research and I'm glad I chose SONA Medspa
    by mikeysmom at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    Just wanted to let other citysearch users know that SONA was wonderful! I was apprehensive when I first decided to do some laser hair removal (hated shaving everyday) and wanted to get rid of some celulite that just wouldn't budge no matter how hard I worked out after having my son. There was no way I was going to have liposuction though. SONA had some great options and even though other reviews have stated that the prices are alot more expensive, after I did a ton of comparison shopping SONA was in the average price range and had waaaaaayyyyy better facilities and a doctor there. Definitely not a strip mall type place. Upscale, professional and easy to work with!!! LOL, my husband accompanied me once and now he's getting laser hair removal on his back...thank god! (love you Michael! ; ) ) I highly recommend SONA!

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  • Sona Med Spa - Las Vegas, NV - by fuzzyfuzz at Citysearch

    by fuzzyfuzz at Citysearch

    I'm just a guy...
    by fuzzyfuzz at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    who needed some help with my skin. Stephanie, Judi, Rebecca, and all are fantastic. This place is huge, immaculate, and staffed by a great team. You can tell that they are like family. As a guy, it was somewhat difficult to work myself up to a skin care program. I wanted to work on wrinkles, sagging jowls. and scarring. I can honestly say that the gals at Sona have taken ten years off of my face. Ok, I'm not a young guy so every improvement helps, right. I am in my mid sixties and have been told I look 50 so I couldn't be more surprised. It's definately worth the effort. Since my career puts me in the public eye, it's important to look my best. Thanks Sona for delivering what you promised!

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  • Sona Med Spa - Las Vegas, NV - by dasad at Citysearch

    by dasad at Citysearch

    Best Customer Service
    by dasad at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    Visiting Sona Medspa was such a delightful experience for me. I had reservations about what I wanted done and after receiving such excellent explainations, I decided to go ahead with the skin care program Sona suggested. The treatment provider was professional and curtious, and Dr. Taylor was right there overseeing the process. I am very pleased. I would recommend Sona Medspa to anyone who feels they are entitled to the best service money can buy. If you're looking for 'bargain basement' prices, you'll get inferior, 'bargain basement' service. At Sona Medspa, you'll receive THE BEST of THE BEST. The best money I ever spent.

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  • Sona Med Spa - Las Vegas, NV - by tkf379 at Citysearch

    by tkf379 at Citysearch

    Outstanding Friendly and professional Service
    by tkf379 at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    I have had several treatments done at this location and I have been very satisfied. The staff is very friendly, and makes you feel very comfortable! They are very knowledgeable about all aspects of skincare. I've had several laser treatments for hair removal, and I love the fact that I never have to shave under my arms or shave my legs again! It's an awesome feeling! You have to get it done, and get it done here. You won't be disapointed! They also sell some great cosmetics! I love the face powder and blush!

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  • Sona Med Spa - Las Vegas, NV - by barbaracurd at Citysearch

    by barbaracurd at Citysearch

    by barbaracurd at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    I've been to other medspa's, but I consider Sona to be a true ""MedSpa."" I've seen some amazing results with their rejuvenation treatments! I've only had a couple at this facility so far, but WOW I will be back. Very professional and clean. Money well spent. I definately recommend.

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  • Sona Med Spa - Las Vegas, NV - by jlo1021 at Citysearch

    by jlo1021 at Citysearch

    Highly Recommended. Great results on Hair Removal!
    by jlo1021 at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    Very professional staff. Made me feel welcome from the moment I walked in the door. I've had a few treatments now and I've had great results. Personally I've only had laser hair removal, but friends and family who have been to Sona and recieved other services were all very pleased. I highly recommend Sona for any of your skincare needs.

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  • Sona Med Spa - Las Vegas, NV - by isoldemarida at Citysearch

    by isoldemarida at Citysearch

    The Best Medspa in Las Vegas
    by isoldemarida at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    Sona Medspa is, by far, the nicest, largest, cleanest, and most professional medspa in Las Vegas. They are not a real discount house but I have been there done that and any higher price that you pay at Sona is well worth it. Personally, I don't want to go to a K-mart to get my skin taken care of and they have done a wonderful job for me. I can't imagine anyone not wanting to go there. I got photofacials, hair removal, peels, and Pixel and my face looks great. I have struggled with acne my whole life and Sona is the only place that ever took the time and care to make me feel better about myself. I now have the confidence I lacked before. I hate to say it but we all know, you get what you pay for. I would recommend Sona, and their caring staff to anyone and have done so many times!

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  • Sona Med Spa - Las Vegas, NV - by douglaswaynewright at Citysearch

    by douglaswaynewright at Citysearch

    Best Darn Spa for men in Vegas!!
    by douglaswaynewright at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    Let me start by stating a fact, I felt like I was in a reputable establishment from the moment I walked into their offices. I?m a guy and was not comfortable going to a shopping mall to get?treatments, I?m just not. They were private & I found their staff friendly and knowledgeable, and most importantly professional. I knew what services I needed (and learned about some that I want) and they delivered. Kudos to the Dr. and staff for making me feel comfortable, and the cookies aren?t bad either. I will defiantly go back, thanks guys!!

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  • Sona Med Spa - Las Vegas, NV - by samjakesdad at Citysearch

    by samjakesdad at Citysearch

    exceptional service and results
    by samjakesdad at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    I have been to many so called medi-spas, only to find out that the staff is not only unprofessional, but also their qualifications sketchy. Sona is completely skilled in professionalism, and I have had complete satisfaction with my treatments. I will never again go to another spa where the main attraction is a discounted price, because I value my face, and I would rather not get burns from a technician who is trying to get back to her magazine or whatever.Sona will take the time to personalize you treatment, and by the way, Stephanie did my treatments and followed up with my care.I was actually told by the DOCTOR on staff that I did not need one of the treatments that I was curious about, which impressed me , because at most places they will sell you their shoes if you ask.

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  • Sona Med Spa - Las Vegas, NV - by jojo89 at Citysearch

    by jojo89 at Citysearch

    i wish i never trusted this company
    by jojo89 at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    sigh* ...i was very dissapointed in medspa. A few reasons why i would never come back & recommend it is :\r- GREAT LACK of quality customer service\r- overly expensive [ when i could've got it done in my country\rfor cheaper & better results& better hospitality ]\r- false promises, all talk for their own benefit\r- only one location & to top it off very far away \r\r\rif you expect more for your money , just.... don't bother wasting your time

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  • Sona Med Spa - Las Vegas, NV - by turnvegasbound1 at Citysearch

    by turnvegasbound1 at Citysearch

    The absolute best med-spa in Las Vegas!
    by turnvegasbound1 at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    The service that I received at Sona went far beyond my expectations.I have had success with all of the services that I have had, including hair removal, botox, and micro-dermabrasion. The spa itself is immaculate, and the staff is always professional. I know that there are less expensive spas, but I think that in the case of lasers, botox and my FACE that paying a little more is completely worth it. It also gives me peace of mind that an actual Doctor is the person placing my botox, not a 'medical technician', whatever that means.I will always recommend Sona to friends and I know that they will always be thankful.I love the way I look now, and I can hardly wait to NOT shave all summer! Thanks Sona, and great job.

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  • Sona Med Spa - Las Vegas, NV - by melrose11 at Citysearch

    by melrose11 at Citysearch

    Over Priced & Unprofessional!
    by melrose11 at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    Sona MedSpa's treatments are so overpriced! They are the most expensive medspa facility in town. And it's not because their equipment is better than the others. \rAlso, some of the Sona staff I spoke with were very unprofessional! Lessons in customer service are needed immediately. I would not recommend Sona to anyone!

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  • Sona Med Spa - Las Vegas, NV - by ladylegs at Citysearch

    by ladylegs at Citysearch

    Worst prices in town!
    by ladylegs at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    I went to this Sona franchise aftere having a series of treatments at a different location. The prices here were almost double anywhere else, including the other franchise!!! Don't listen to their story about how superior their treatments and equipment is, is not true at all! Shop around people, this place is a ripoff, dont listen to stories about how they are running a special, and getting a second package free, even then it doesnt pay off unless your trying to lazer your whole body!

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