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Robert B. Hinsley has 40 years of experience in trial litigation and consumer law focusing on representing individuals in reducing their credit card debt without bankruptcy or consolidation.


  • The Hinsley Law Firm - Houston, TX -  afrossi

    Reviews: 1

    A Fraud
    afrossi (1 review)

    In 2009, I paid him $ 4,500.00 retainer fee and when those funds expired, he charged me by the hour. I paid him an additional several hundred dollars. He claimed he was going to negotiate a settlement with debtors. Instead, he ignored their letters in hopes they wouldn't sue, I suppose. After several years, in late April 2016, his secretary calls wanting to schedule a meeting to review my case. I asked his secretary if there was going to be a fee associated with this meeting. She assured me that there are no fees for the meeting. I explained that if there are fees, I didn't require his services any longer and I was not going to schedule the meeting. She reassured me that there were no fees. So, I scheduled the meeting for the 3rd of May 2016. When my wife and I arrived, he had just moved into his third office, since we first met. He began to complain about not having any money to pay his rent and was needing some money from people he had helped with their debt. He continuously interrupted our meeting asking his secretary if she had located another client, because he needed some money to pay his rent. After getting to a point where he was begging for money, I told him that if people would pay me what they owed me, I'd consider sending him some money. We then left.

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    Within a few weeks, he sent me an invoice dated 5-18-2016, for $ 300.00 for the meeting that was allegedly for the passing on information, instead it was begging for money. As I mentioned above, his secretary assured me there was no fee for the meeting. Use his services at your own risk.

    Area Houston, TX

    Cost $250 - $499

    Date May 2016

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  • The Hinsley Law Firm - Houston, TX -  CarCrazy61

    Reviews: 1

    Great Service Not sure about the negative reviews
    CarCrazy61 (1 review)

    Went to Mr. Hinsley with about $10,000 worth of credit card debt as my husband got sick and is on disability and I am forced to work 2 jobs in order to pay the bills. In addition when the credit card companies raised all of their interest rates because Obama froze them so they raised them all before the freeze went into effect I could no longer pay all of them. One of my cards turned into a lawsuit and I paid $750.00 for the lawsuit and $750.00 (with post dated checks) for the credit cards of which everything was dissolved. I received a 1099 and had to pay about $1,000 for taxes but Mr. Hinsley advised me that may happen depending on the creditor. So in all is cost me $2,500 for everything and Peace of Mind....

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  • The Hinsley Law Firm - Houston, TX -  missy12

    Reviews: 1

    He is FRAUD
    missy12 (1 review)

    I worked with this thief in 2000. I had $6,000 in debt and was, extremely depressed and angry with myself my decisions that lead me to this debt. I needed help...sound advice. Hinsley spoke confidently, but I was too young to realize...he was equivelant to a used car salesman. Hinsley paints a, very fast, very manipulative picture and sucks you into a scheme, so large, your debt expands...not only to your current debtors, but to Hinsley as well. I worked with Hinsley for 2+ years...unfortunately. His staff was, not only, incompetent, but there was a new team every other month...the turn-over was outrageous. The only constant in his office was his dog who stunk up the entire place. I realized, later, that Hinsley probably had the large dog there for his own protection. A theif always needs back-up. Stay away from this "attorney". It's not the real deal. He is a fraud. Pay your debt off wisely. You're better off with Consumer Credit Counseling. I did it and my credit is immaculate now. Hinsley will ruin you...guaranteed!

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  • The Hinsley Law Firm - Houston, TX -  j0okypirate

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    Hiring this sleaze was a big mistake!
    j0okypirate (1 review)

    this sleazy senile slimy lawyer and his office slime were incompetent, insulting, over billed me and actually made my legal problems worse. beware! the Hinsley Law Firm ( ) I had to fire him to make him stop inventing new things to invoice me for. they practically took me to the cleaners. when I went to get my file from him he had a hired thug in his office to intimidate me! the above is my opinion only

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