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Dear potential affiliate,

We wanted to take a quick moment to let you in on a few of the benefits and features that NES has over others that is making our network grow by leaps and bounds daily.

With our innovative “live help” feature our affiliates NEVER HAVE TO SELL! You may have heard this in the past by other systems that have claimed you will never have to sell only to have to list your phone number on all your advertisements after you join. We have taken this out of the.. equation through our “live help” box allows your prospects to interact with real people. This allows our professional sales people to give personal attention to each and every one of your prospects. Because they are able to interact with a live person while they are on the site it allows them to get their questions answered on the spot. If your prospect would rather speak with a person over the phone they can employ our “request a call back feature” instead. This is the most hands off approach on the internet for you to GET PAID!
Our system is the most powerful system ever to get you paid OVER AND OVER AGAIN! Once you make your fourth sale with our system, you will then receive the first 3 sales from that affiliate, the first three from each of those affiliates, etc. Many people believe that a 3 up system is not the ideal system because it typically takes awhile to get past the first three qualifiers. While that may be true with systems that cost $1,000 or more, where you have priced out a large portion of the market, with our $98 price point that anybody can afford many people have been able to get past their first 3 qualifiers in their first hour in business. Think about this, if you had just 1 affiliate in your down line and they were able to get their qualifiers in 2 days, and each of those got their qualifiers in 2 days, etc, you would make $3,626 IN YOUR FIRST WEEK. And all from just 1 affiliate that you made the sale on!
Our affiliate support is SECOND TO NONE! While other systems claim to be “automatic” and therefore offer very limited or no support to their affiliates we are with you 100% of the way. Whether you are a seasoned online marketer or this is your first time promoting a business online we provide support at all levels of expertise. Some of the things that we have been able to help our affiliates with are:
1. Providing a list of 40 free websites that you can place ads on, this list is constantly being updated with new sites.
2. Providing effective pre-made ads for various types of advertising.
3. Providing emails for you to send out to encourage, motivate, and coach your downline.
4. Advice on how to get the most out of your marketing efforts.
5. Help with how to brand yourself.

No matter what your support need is, we will always respond very quickly with professional and effective advice.



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