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If you own or manage a business, then we should know each other. I've done both...and I know that the life and health of your business depends on your cash flow. I actually CARE about my clients and their businesses. I do business with my clients, recommend them to other clients of mine, and promote their businesses whenever I have a chance to make referrals to friends. A lot of people in the Merchant Services / Payment Processing industry are shady, pushy, or just plain.. dishonest. I know this from meeting them when I was Dir. of Operations for a restaurant group. And...my disappointment in the service that I received was what led me to enter this field.

I'll gladly analyze your current processing costs, completely free...and review your current statements with you, to help you see what fees you're really paying. When you become my client, I will provide you with the ABSOLUTE BEST personal service and not only SAVE you money...but also help you retain customers and attract MORE customers! HOW?

Credit and debit card processing isn't something that business owners and managers get excited about. It's a necessity and a "utility," much like electricity. When it works perfectly, you don't think about it...but if there is a problem, it can cause your sales to grind to a screeching halt! Not only will you have the reliability of our service, but a PERSONAL consultant (ME), whom you can call at any time...day or night (in addition to the toll-free support number, of course). Your current monthly statement may be difficult to read (some companies do this on purpose). I'll go over our statement with you to make sure that you know exactly what you're fees are. You may need a new machine...or your business may grow, and you may need MORE terminals. You may have new employees who need training on your equipment. I'm here for all of those things.

* For Debit and Credit card processing, we use First Data, which is the most reliable company in the world. Your ACH deposits will be deposited into your bank account as fast, or in many cases, FASTER than your current processor submits them.

* Gift Cards and Loyalty Cards...BRAND your business, keep customers coming back, instead of going to your competitors, and can be re-charged, with enough value that they never have a zero balance...meaning that your customers will NEVER want to throw them away! And...they look GREAT, making nice gifts and easy to display!

* You can keep your current terminals or I can provide them for you. I can also help you with online / website sales.

* Check verification keeps you from having returned checks to deal with. It's optional...but wise, if you accept checks.

* Again...I'll help you to GAIN NEW CUSTOMERS by referring people to you and in most cases, becoming your customer, myself!

Step 1:

All I need is 3 recent payment processing statements to analyze, so that I can see what types of cards you typically get (different rewards cards, corporate cards, etc. carry different processing rates...many people don't realize that). Then, I can find out where you're being charged the most, and if you're paying any unnecessary fees. Your statements don't contain any bank or credit card account numbers...so there is no risk involved in mailing or faxing them.


I'll give you a report on your current situation and let you know how I can improve that for you. Then, we'll do about 30 minutes of paperwork.


I'll open your account, and you'll have the BEST possible service...what you and your business deserve! The transition to our service will be seamless. You won't lose a single sale.

I would love to help you. I don't just provide a service...I build relationships and promote business.

Wishing You Success,

Frank Daniel Craven


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