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Rio All-suite Hotel & CasinoLas Vegas, NV 89103


  • Cavalia - Las Vegas, NV - by ronjamin at Citysearch

    by ronjamin at Citysearch

    Sub Par, Poor Service, Poor Food.
    by ronjamin at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    AVOID AT ALL COSTOn Arrival: We decided to eat an early dinner?.arrived around 4p and stood in line for an hour despite there being dozens of empty tables inside. When we got past the door, we found out why. The place has 5 automated computerized terminals that take your order??and as you can imagine, when technology fails, it fails spectacularly.First, there was only one line functioning. And imagine old ladies and non-tech types trying to figure out how to operate the machines. MAJOR DELAYS. So I called over a young girl who seemed to be overseeing the chaos. She said ""All the other machines are out of service""??and I said ""get a cash tray and open this line"". A real manager came over, and I could see that his hands were tied by corporate policy??..he had to wait till some techie fixed the machines??never happened by the way. He had no excuse and offered nothing to remedy our problem.Service: There is no service here. You are nothing more than cattle. Some migrant worker takes your drink order??about 30 minutes after you sit. And you don't get a spoon with your silverware, you have to ask?if you can find her. Then, as you finish your drink, you will be lucky to get a refill.Food: The most impressive thing about the buffet is the quantity of food. The buffet stretches about 50 yards and is filled with all kinds of choices. If you don't care about quality, then you will be fine. If you have a speck of concern about quality, you will be appalled at the food.The crab legs were ice cold and tasted like they were marinated in salt water. I complained to my server and she mumbled something in broken english. The manager again was apologetic but offered no solution.Food up and down the buffet was basically sub-par. Cold, salty, fatty, overcooked. The won-tons I ate were filled with gristle and some pork. The chicken was dry and overcooked. Shrimp were dry. Overall, I was expecting ""the best"", and got the worst. There are chinese buffets

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  • Cavalia - Las Vegas, NV - by grundyboat at Citysearch

    by grundyboat at Citysearch

    no blintzes to expensive for Breakfast
    by grundyboat at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    Very disappointed that the Blintzes were removed from all the Harrah's Buffets in the Vegas area. Some I understand have them on Champagne Brunch Days but other wise they are not offered. so for me to go in and have a cup of coffee with my family who eats eggs etc where I don't it costs me near $20/ Very unfair \rWill not go their again

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  • Cavalia - Las Vegas, NV - by catracks at Citysearch

    by catracks at Citysearch

    One of the best buffets in Vegas - Reasonable price
    by catracks at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    We were going to try the Wynn, but it was way too expensive so we went for our second choice. Was that ever a good decision. We managed to get to the buffet at a slower time. Our waiter was nice, attentive and filled our champagne glasses when he noticed them empty. I started with the Dim Sum. The duck was so tasty and the shrimp har gow dumpling were fresh and perfect. The prime rib was melt in your mouth and there were rare slices aplenty as well as end cuts. I also spent a low of time with the snow crab and peel and eat shrimp.\r\rSince I only have one stomach, I did not try to Mexican or many of the traditional American dishes, but they all looked so very good. The desserts and pastries were fresh and perfect and they even had gelatto in six flavors. I will recommend this buffet to all my friends and I will definitely be back.

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  • Cavalia - Las Vegas, NV - by karida at Citysearch

    by karida at Citysearch

    Not bad for a buffet
    by karida at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    I honestly hate buffets. They are full of too many variations and I worry when the food sits out long. Honestly, though, this buffet was great and had a wide selection of everything. The food tastes good, the price is fair for lunch or dinner, and you can eat all you want! I'd recommend hitting the dessert table, because their pastries are lovely!

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  • Cavalia - Las Vegas, NV - by YummieInMyTummie at Citysearch

    by YummieInMyTummie at Citysearch

    No, Thank You.
    by YummieInMyTummie at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    Definitely wasn?t the worst buffet in vegas but still have yet to find one there. They all have pretty low quality food and that doesn?t exclude rio?s. When u first get there its so exciting but as u taste a bit of everything u start realizing that some of these things are pretty disgusting. I guess this place is good if you like those crab leg things because that?s were u get ur moneys worth I guess but I don?t eat that. Just go there if ur not expecting that much out of the buffet and don?t eat too much cuz you?ll be disgusted by the poor quality food you ate at the end blekh.

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  • Cavalia - Las Vegas, NV - by sopho at Citysearch

    by sopho at Citysearch

    give it a go
    by sopho at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    my family had been a few years ago and absolutely hated it. by accident, i ended up there this weekend (rio's seafood buffet changed their hours and now only serves dinner, boo!) and was pleasantly surprised by the selection and quality of the food. the crab was sweet (a rarity at buffets, i find), the meat options were endless, and the asian food served actually tasted like the asian dishes it claimed to be. it's not my absolute favorite, but this buffet is worth a try.

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  • Cavalia - Las Vegas, NV - by zstyles at Citysearch

    by zstyles at Citysearch

    Last week..BAD BAD BAD buffett
    by zstyles at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    Ate here on the last night to las vegas had eaten at Treasure Island buffett so I had high expectations about another buffett...let me tell you...I could hardly even fill a plate with food that looked edible also they RAN OUT OF SEAFOOD!!!!!!!...They had alot of food but was very very low in I would have to agree go LOOK at the food first before you pay....

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  • Cavalia - Las Vegas, NV - by Travelbug99 at Citysearch

    by Travelbug99 at Citysearch

    Quantity not quality
    by Travelbug99 at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    The Rio Buffet is all about how much quantity of food you can choose from, and the quality of food reflects this. Think fast food, Sizzler buffet and $1 Chinese food all wrapped up in one! Nothing I ate was of any quality, and it was difficult finishing much of anything once I realized how bad the food was. The sweet and sour soup tasted like tin cans and the vegetarian salads were so oily they were hard to taste. But they did have some good bread..which I ate the most of.! Also, beware of the prepayment process which asks if you want to leave your 15-20% tip before you even sit down! 15-20%??!! At a buffet??!! That already costs $25 for crappy food??!! Leave a tip at the table after your meal if you are so inclined but if you read this, take my word for'll certainly be happier eating somewhere else.

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  • Cavalia - Las Vegas, NV -  57maxie

    Reviews: 1

    57maxie (1 review)

    We saw this show the first time it was in Vegas. My grandchildren were mesmerized and it was one of the best shows I've ever seen.

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  • Cavalia - Las Vegas, NV - by reiturner22 at Citysearch

    by reiturner22 at Citysearch

    On my ""never go there again"" list
    by reiturner22 at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    This buffet was disappointing. Everything was dry and bland so in other words...the food was very poor quality. Each dish had been sitting out for a long time but even the freshly put out dishes were tasteless. There is a wide variety to choose from including mexican, chinese, italian, and american, however, you can expect about same quality from fast food restaurants housing these cuisines. The only positive aspect I can think of is the service. The waiter that serviced our table was very friendly and always on top of things but sadly his friendliness did not make up for the food.

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  • Cavalia - Las Vegas, NV - by romeoromeo at Citysearch

    by romeoromeo at Citysearch

    by romeoromeo at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    Not fresh, greasy and overpriced. What used to be a good buffet has gone away and surrendered itself to medocrity. The variety of food is great but it was dry and mundane. Presentation lacked as many serving dises were partially full and looked like they had been there since the day before. As with just about everything else at the RIO, the price is up with no improvement to match. Sure the variety is good, but don't bother coming here after 8PM as the food is no longer fresh nor will it be replaced as often. The service is no good. Your belly will grow after your second plate, almost a guarantee, because of greasy food.

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  • Cavalia - Las Vegas, NV - by damethod at Citysearch

    by damethod at Citysearch

    You get what you pay for
    by damethod at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    Im typically not a fan of buffets and this is a classic example of why. As one of the previous posts has American, Italian, Chinese, some california rolls, etc. They offer all the food usually offered at the food court of a local mall...only all at one place. Thanks, but no thanks. There are great buffets in vegas if your willing to spend more than $20. For about $40 you can eat King Crab at the Bellagio buffet! You could also go to the other side of the casino for the village seafood buffet for about $43..te latter being a bit overpriced in my opinion.

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  • Cavalia - Las Vegas, NV - by lilylee at Citysearch

    by lilylee at Citysearch

    amazing variety
    by lilylee at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    This has got to be the largest buffet around. The variety is amazing, the price isn't bad. Prepare to be overwhelmed!

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  • Cavalia - Las Vegas, NV - by muranodiva at Citysearch

    by muranodiva at Citysearch

    I thought it would be great
    by muranodiva at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    SO I think we paid like 25 bucks a person maybe it was only 17, either way it wasn't worth writing home about. They had mexican, american, dessert, french, italian, and chinese. I tried some of all of it. To me, it just wasn't worth it. Most of the food was really greasy, like overly greasy and just tasted pretty ok. I would not recommend spending that much money over something that isn't that good.

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  • Cavalia - Las Vegas, NV - by keithzeiler at Citysearch

    by keithzeiler at Citysearch

    Best in vagus
    by keithzeiler at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    This is the buffet. You can get everything there. We spent 3 hours there and had no issues with being kicked out. We took our time and and enjoyed ourselves.

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